Hearing Aid Styles

There are many styles and levels to provide a comfortable fit as well. For patients who are worried about people being able to see the hearing aids, they have been surprised how small the devices can be now. Hearing aids are now automatic, working behind the scenes to block background noise and improve clarity of conversations.

Invisible-in-canal (IIC)

The Tiny And Often Invisible Hearing Aids

These are ideal if you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss as they are custom-fitted as well as coming in a choice of colors. They’re unique as they’re inserted deeper into the ear canal, so depending on your ear, they’re often invisible when worn, which is a huge plus for the style-conscious wearer.


Completely-in-canal (CIC)

Mostly Invisible (Unless You Look Closely)

Unlike the IICs, these aids are comfortably inserted and extracted from your ear, with the small “handle” peeping out the side. They are custom-made and mostly invisible, as well as coming in a range of colors to match the skin-tone of your inner ear. They’re the perfect choice if you have mild to moderate hearing loss.


In-the-canal (ITC)

Discreet But Can Be Seen

If you have mild to mildly severe hearing loss, then you will benefit from these ITC hearing aids because of their custom-fit, skin-match design, and simplicity to insert and extract. Easily disguised as part of your natural ear, these aids are the perfect option if your hearing is diminishing at a steady pace.


In-the-ear (ITE)

Custom Fitted Hearing Aids That Fit Within The Outer Portion Of The Ear

Mildly severe to severe hearing loss patients can benefit from choosing the ITE hearing aids, as these provide maximum hearing coverage and comfort, due to their sleek design that fits perfectly to the outer entrance of your ear. Coming in a range of colors, they’re custom made and can be matched to your skin tone.


Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Small, Discreet And Quick To Fit

Barely visible when worn, the RIC style is an instrument in which the receiver, or speaker, is inside the ear canal. Thin electrical wires are used instead of a plastic acoustical tube, reducing distortion. RIC hearing aids provide a comfortable, open fit and are perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss.


Behind-the-ear (BTE)

The Most Common Style Of Hearing Aid

When you think “hearing aid” – the chances are you’re thinking of the BTE design. Usually worn by moderate to severe hearing loss patients, the technology is housed in the casing of these hearing aids, ensuring they rest comfortably behind the ear while the clear plastic acoustical tube sends the amplified sounds into a customized earmold that’s fitted inside the canal. Available in many different colors, they come with easy to use buttons and are highly discreet.


Our Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Technology

How many times do you hear “there’s an app for that” in this technologically-advanced time? There are many apps that can help patients hear and also to help treat tinnitus. Here at Chesapeake Hearing Aids, we can introduce you to the benefits of these types of technology and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Do you know what Bluetooth is or how to use it? Many people shy away from using Bluetooth-enabled devices because they think they are too difficult to use. But, if you struggle to hear telephone conversations, Bluetooth technology might be just what you need!


Here at Chesapeake Hearing Aids, we take the time to help set everything up and practice with you. Some patients do not need this technology but it is there in case you ever do.

Bluetooth technology allows patients with certain hearing aids to use their cell phone hands-free! Certain devices can connect directly to your phone and others involve the use of a small accessory. You can also stream music or other audio from your cell phone to the hearing aids.

For our technologically advanced patients, you can use your cell phone to change the volume or program of your hearing aids, track to ensure you don’t lose them and manually adjust certain settings based on where you are!

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