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We strive to help you conquer your hearing loss to reach your full hearing potential so you can connect with the sounds you love!

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Which hearing aids are right for you? Chesapeake Hearing Aids professionals help you choose the best hearing aids for your hearing loss and lifestyle and program them specifically for you. Our comprehensive evaluation and custom recommendations enable you to rediscover your hearing, so you can live a rich, active and fulfilling life.

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Treating Hearing Loss is Important

It is common for people to disregard their hearing loss for five to seven years. By putting off the inevitable, it becomes harder to rectify the problem. When the hearing nerves and the areas of the brain responsible for hearing are deprived of sound, they atrophy (weaken) making improving hearing, through the use of a hearing aid much more difficult. So the longer you wait, the longer it will take to hear well again.

Most family practices or general practitioners do not routinely screen for hearing loss. Therefore, if you are concerned about your hearing, you will need to schedule an appointment with us.

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Rediscover Hearing and Connect to the World

For most of your life, hearing has been effortless. You listened without thinking, conversed with ease and woke from sleep to subtle noises. Lately, things have changed. You are now asking people to repeat themselves. You leave meetings feeling exhausted. And, you realize the TV is too loud for everyone- but you. Do you still wake to the smell of coffee, but no longer hear its gentle drip?


Know that you are not alone. Hearing loss affects one in three adults and is the third most common health problem in the United States. Together, we can help you rediscover your hearing, so you can live a rich, active and fulfilling life, unaffected by hearing loss.

Today's hearing aids are smaller and smarter than ever. Many can connect wirelessly to mobile devices and stream sound directly to the hearing aids. And they can even be controlled and personalized with apps.

Modern hearing aids not only address hearing loss, they enable those who wear them to engage in life as easily and enjoyably as anyone else.

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Life is worth listening to!

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Begin Your Journey to Better Hearing