Clinical Speech Mapping

Speech Mapping, also known as live speech mapping, is proven to provide extremely accurate verification of what a hearing instrument is actually delivering in amplification to a specific patient's TM with their reduced dynamic hearing range. It is a true measurement of in situ hearing instrument performance and not based on formulas, averages or predictions.

Why Does Speech Mapping Work?

Probe microphones are sensitive calibrated devices that account for specific anatomical differences in ear canals (length, width, resonance characteristics, TM flaccidity, depth of hearing aid insertion and device sound processing capabilities) to ensure accurate and precise analysis of the prescribed fitting.

Speech Mapping utilizes familiar sounds (real speech), not manufactured or artificial stimuli. Speech Mapping eliminates predictive uncertainty of manufacturer recommended "first fit" algorithms or formulas based upon averages. Speech Mapping engages both the patient and the 3rd party in an understandable process, increasing acceptance and acknowledgment of the scope of the loss and the goal of the hearing instrument.

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